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Malta's PM reveals 10-year economic vision based on five pillars

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VALLETTA, June 10 (Xinhua) -- Maltese Prime Minister Robert Abela Thursday launched the public consultation document outlining Malta's economic vision for the next decade from 2021 to 2031.

"The last 10 years saw us bridge the gap with the European average when it comes to GDP per capita and the employment rate," he said, "The next decade will now see us become a centre of excellence, worthy of being with the best in Europe and the world."

Malta's economic vision, titled "A Future-Proof Malta," is based on five principles, including sustainable economic growth, infrastructure and investment, education and employment, environment, governance and rule of law.

Abela recalled how the country built a sustainable and robust economic policy over the years and was able to withstand the turbulent episodes brought about by the pandemic, where the government doubled its expenditure for health and education, assisted businesses and protected people's lives and livelihood.

To maintain the economy, greater effort was needed to transform the education system significantly. "Only with a different education system can we build an economy where the quality of life improves," he said.

He also mentioned that one cannot have a healthy economy if the environment is not healthy, and one cannot have a protected environment if the economy is weak.

"To build a carbon-neutral society, we anticipate years of investment ahead of us which will create great opportunities for both existing and prospective businesses," he said. Enditem